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Connect with Students

The Jayhawk mascot stands in a bed of purple flowers, wearing graduation regalia. Other graduates and families mill about in the background.

Whether you’ve been out of school for a year or 20 years, your experiences, insights, and knowledge are valuable tools in encouraging and engaging the next generation of Jayhawk Engineers in fulfilling their dreams.  There are many ways to give back that only require a small commitment of your time.

Fill-out this survey and let us know how you would be interested in giving back.

Jayhawks on the Job

Jayhawks on the Job gives students the opportunity to “shadow” an engineering or computing professional for an afternoon over winter break.

KU Mentoring

The KU Mentoring platform gives students the opportunity to contact alumni with quick questions about life and work after graduation from KU. It also allows alumni to connect with other alumni. Users can view and post to the platform's job board or experiential learning project site. Join our community today!

Student Organizations

One of the best ways to reach out to KU Engineering students is to speak at a student organization meeting or host a student group for a company tour. The School of Engineering has over 70 student organizations, so browse the list here to find a group to reach out to. Please feel free to contact Jennifer Nigro with further questions.

Industry Presentations

If you’re interested in speaking to students about opportunities, changes, or the work you do within your industry, we can help you set up an event! Please contact Jennifer Nigro if you’re interested.

Micro-Internships & Experiential Learning Projects

Engaging students in a short-term experience at your company can help you build relationships, mentor students, and get important work done. Learn more.

Company Tours

Whether you’re located near or far from KU, students love the opportunity to tour company facilities and see different engineering roles first hand. To reach out to a specific student interest group, check here for our list of student organizations. If you’d like to set up and market a company tour to a broader range of student, contact Kristi Kamm for help doing so. 

Give a Gift

You can give a gift to the School of Engineering through KU Endowment

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