Branding Activities

The Engineering Career Center (ECC) offers comprehensive services to enhance an employer's visibility on the KU campus. Contact the Engineering Career Center to explore any of the options below in detail or to start building your on-campus relationships now.

Meet your employer relations contact

Assistant Director, Engineering Career , Center, ***KU Safe Zone Member
LEEP2, room 1410

Company Days & Events

Increase brand recognition by arranging a student mixer, hosting a company tour, tabling in the engineering complex to promote your organization, or coordinating a day of promotional activities across campus.

Student Organizations

Ensure a captive audience and connect with a targeted group of students by presenting to a student organization or sponsoring a student-led event.  View a list of the engineering student organizations to get started. 


Explore creative ways to get to know the outstanding KU engineering and computing faculty – host a faculty lunch, join an advisory board, provide a senior design project, or form a research partnership.

Philanthropic Partnerships

The Corporate Partners Program is designed specifically to focus on recruiting talented high school students to KU. By participating in this vital initiative, your organization is ensuring that the KU School of Engineering attracts additional qualified students to study engineering and computer science, and ultimately provides an increased number of skilled and talented applicants to fill your employment needs. For more information, please contact KU Endowment at 1-800-444-4201. 


Help ensure top students have the financial resources necessary to attend college. Scholarship criteria is determined based on your preferences and can be tied into your company’s needs for specific majors, individual student qualifications, or geographic locations.

Equipment & Labs

Promote your organization to KU students while investing in the quality and experience level of KU graduates.  Sponsor a lab of equipment, donate funds for a specific instrument or provide funds for a research project.