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Fairs & Hiring Resources



The Engineering Career Center offers services and events to meet your hiring needs.

Post Jobs & Internships 

Create an account in our campus-wide recruiting software that allows employers and students to communicate employment opportunities 24 hours a day.  HireJayhawks.com is an effective way to maximize your recruitment efforts.

  • Post jobs that can be viewed by ALL participating KU students
  • Offer a micro-internship or experiential learning project
  • Review available student resumes
  • Create and manage an on-campus interview schedule
  • Register for Engineering Career Center events

Create a HireJayhawks.com Account

Internships & Co-ops

Internship programs are beneficial for both employers and students. A successful internship provides meaningful experience directly related to a student’s career choice while applying curricular experience to industry application. Effective internship programs enhance a company’s reputation on campus, create a year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals, and provide a proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees. Our staff can provide guidance on starting an internship program.  


If you are unsure as to whether you must pay an intern, refer to the Department of Labor's guidance under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


See our Guide: Starting and Maintaining a Quality Internship Program.

Taking your Internship Program Virtual

Helpful Links & Resources for Virtual Programs

Career Fairs & Next-Day Interviews

Engineering & Computing career fairs are hosted bi-annually in the fall and spring semesters. With attendance rates at more than 1000 students during the fall semester and more than 700 students during the spring semester, there’s hardly a better way to maximize exposure to KU engineering and computing students. 

Next-day interviews are conveniently hosted on-campus the day after the fall and spring career fairs.  You can schedule interview times as you meet students at the career fair to keep the interest of top candidates.  Make the most of your trip to campus by requesting next-day interview space as part of your career fair registration.  

Career Fair Details & Registration


On-Campus Interviews & Information Sessions

Conducting interviews on-campus will draw attention to your organizational hiring needs. On-campus interviews provide career center support in posting a position, promoting the opportunity, collecting application material, and managing the interview schedule. The online recruiting platform at HireJayhawks.com simplifies this process. Reserve an on-campus interview date and start the process by contacting the Engineering Career Center today.

Information sessions educate students on the opportunities, culture, and achievements of your company. Info sessions are often held the day before on-campus interveiws to share key features of an organization to help students prepare for their interviews the following day, as well as maximize a trip to campus by promoting the company brand to a larger audience.

Use our online info session reservation form to:

  • Reserve a presentation room on campus
  • Reserve media equipment such as projectors and audio equipment
  • Order catered refreshments for your attendees


Plan Info Session

Micro-Internships & Experiential Learning Projects

Micro-Internships and experiential learning projects generally take 5-40 hours and are completed in a matter of weeks, often remotely. Hiring a student for a micro-internship or experiential learning project is a win-win-- you get much-needed work done, and students get hands-on experience that builds their skills, confidence, and resume. Here are ways you can share your projects with KU Engineering & Computing students:

  • Kansas Micro-Internship Program: This partnership between Kansas universities, the Kansas Board of Regents, the DeBruce Foundation, and the Kansas Department of Commerce helps Kansas businesses and non-profits connect with highly-motivated Kansas college students seeking experience. Kansas-based companies and non-profit organizations that select a student currently enrolled in a Kansas public two-year college or four-year university are eligible to receive a 50% matching micro-grant up to $250/project, for a maximum of two projects.
  • KU Mentoring: The KU Mentoring platform helps you connect with students seeking to complete experiential learning projects that provide the opportunity to work with an experienced professional.

Additional Resources

For data on degrees awarded, enrollment, graduation outcomes, salary trends and more, visit our Statistics page.  You can also view the School of Engineering curriculum guide and academic catalog to see how student learning aligns with your company's needs.

Have you hired a Jayhawk? Let us know!