Kansas Micro-Internship Program


  • Program provides all students enrolled in Kansas public colleges/universities opportunities to work on short-term, paid, and professional projects (Micro-Internships) with Kansas-based organizations.
  • Kansas-based organizations that select an elibible student can receive a 50% matching micro-grant up to  $250 per project (for a maximum of two projects) 
  • Elibible organizations included for-profit and not-for-profit organizations 
  • Funding for the program is provided by the DeBruce foundation
  • All opportunities are posted on the Parker Dewey Micro-Internship platform

What is a Micro-Internship

  • Short-term: Projects typically range from 10-40 hours in duration.
  • Paid: The average cost to a company is $400 (fixed fee, implying $20/hour).
  • Professional: Assignments are similar to those given to interns or new hires.
  • Comprehensive: Projects are used in all industries, across all departments (sales, engineering, HR, IT, etc.), and can take place year-round.
  • Valued: Micro-Internships provide busy professional with additional resources ("We shoulrd..." or "I shouldn't..." tasks). 
  • Flexible: Available year-round as needed, and typically done remote.

Not a replacement for summer internships, co-ops, or full-time hiring.


  • Micro-Internships can be posted on-demand as needed.
  • Consider posting 24- to 48 hours before the manager wants the project to begin.



  • Create your account on the Parker Dewey platform.
  • Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible.  Be sure to add Kansas Micro-Internship Program to the Affiliations section of your profile.
  • Login every day or two to see what's new.  
  • Apply right away to all projects that interest you!


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