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Plan for Success

Career Readiness

Start early in your college career to gain skills employers are looking for. Schedule a meeting with an Engineering Career Center Advisor at 785-864-3891 or ecc@ku.edu

Career Accelerator Lecture Series

The KU Engineering Career Accelerator Lecture Series launched in Fall 2020 to help students develop professional skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication that are often not part of a regular classroom environment. The series features lectures from School of Engineering advisory board members who share their insight on a range of topics designed to promote career success.

Internships - Actions to take Before, During & After

Video Resources


The Job Search Process


LinkedIn for Students:


Increase your visibility and virtual network:

Video Resources from the ECC's Spring 2020 Career Tip Tuesday series


Graduate Student Career Planning

Prepare for career paths in industry as well as academe (both faculty and nonfaculty positions):


Professional development resources through KU:
Helpful articles for PhD candidates from The Chronicle of Higher Education:
Helpful articles for PhD candidates from Cheeky Scientist:


Engineering Licensure

In the United States, engineering boards at the state level award the P.E. license based on education, experience, and exams. Typically the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is the first step to becoming a professional licensed engineeer (P.E.):

FE Exam (available for students and recent graduates of ABET accredited programs):
Helpful links for P.E. licensure:


Engineering Career Center Events
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Hire Jayhawks

Meet with a Career Advisor

Schedule a 30 minute appointment


Drop-in for 15 minute meeting

Every Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 4 p.m., when fall and spring classes are in session.

  • Drop by in-person at the Engineering Career Center, 1410 LEEP2
  • Drop by virtually - log into HIreJayhawks.com and click on "Schedule an Appointment or Drop In" on the left side of the page.