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Job Search and Recruiting Resources: COVID-19

The COVID-19 will force many students and employers to adapt their job search and recruitment practices due to travel restrictions, implementation of remote working and other social distancing requirements.  The Engineering Career Center is also adapting so we can continue to serve students and employers virtually.  We encourage students and employers to stay in touch regarding changing situations in their own environment.  The most up-to-date information on the University of Kansas' response to COVID-19 can be found at https://coronavirus.ku.edu.

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Student Resources


ECC Student Survey 2020 - Covid Impact:

Hiring Changes to internships and full-time jobs:

Some employers are changing their hiring plans for incoming interns and new full-time hires, such as delaying the start date, changing the job to a virtual position, or rescinding offers due to hiring freezes. Other employers are still evaluating hiring needs during this fluid situation - continue to monitor your email.   See links & sections below - Engineering Career Center staff are available to help:


Job/Internship Search:

If you are seeking a job or internship, check out the various Career Tip Tuesdays video links on the www.ecc.ku.edu home page, including tips for the Job and Internship Search, utilizing your LinkedIn profile, Informational Interviewing, and more. You can also reach out to our staff any time at 785-864-3891 or by emailing ecc@ku.edu.


  1. *NEW - Virtual or Remote Jobs and Internship Links
    • VirtualVocations - remote jobs and internship positions
    • Jobspresso - curated list of remote jobs, a few internships
    • We Work Remotely - large remote work community
    • Remote.co - pretty active job postings; more computing positions than engineering
    • Parker Dewey - compiles Micro-internship opportunities
    • FlexJobs - Engineering jobs.  You need to become a member to see some postings.
  2. *NEW - Virtual positions listed on Traditional Job Boards
  3. Be especially vigilent of fraudulent postings in these unprecendented times.  Be wary of any position that seems to good to be true or asks for personal information such as bank accounts or social security numbers.



Actions Plans for summer and beyond during Covid-19:

  1. Some employers are hiring - continue to apply for new internship and job postings.  Log into www.HireJayhawks.com on a weekly basis.
  2. Look for "micro" internships or gig jobs to gain experience: short-term, professional, paid work experiences (typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work).  Check regularly for new opportunities
  3. Increase your virtual network
  4. If back-up job to supplement income is needed, while you look for professional positions – look under the position type “Part-time Jobs” in www.HireJayhawks.com
  5. Master Virtual Interviewing Skills
  6. Gain skills – Look for free online courses to build knowledge and skills




The Engineering Career Center staff are available for advising appointments through phone and video chat!  To schedule:

  • Go to HireJayhawks.com and log in as a student using your KU credentials.
  • From the homepage, select “Schedule an Appointment” from the list on the left side of the page.
  • Choose the type of appointment, preferred date range, and select "Engineering Career Center" under career services office.  Choose a 30-minute appointment and check availability.
  • Follow the prompts to select a career advisor and meeting time.
  • Your appointment will be confirmed by our staff, and you will be sent information for connecting.

You can also schedule by emailing ecc@ku.edu or calling 785-864-3891.


In addition, we will begin Virtual Drop-in Hours on Wednesday, March 25 from 1-4pm, and continue them at that time each Wednesday through the end of the spring semester.  To participate, click on one of the two links below.  You will be admitted to a waiting room, and a career advisor will be with you as soon as possible.  If one link is busy, you might try the other one. Once an advisor is free, they will admit you to the video chat (which can also be joined with just audio) for a private conversation.


Virtual Drop-in Links: open 1-4pm Wednesdays through May 6

Register Here>>



Please note, all upcoming on-campus interviews have been converted to virtual interviews.  Anyone interviewing with an employer in-person in the coming weeks should adhere to the employer's policy regarding COVID-19 and contact them if your ability to interview in-person is impacted.



Now is a great time to utilize the KU Mentoring platform to connect with KU Alumni.  This is a great place to do informational interviewing, get a resume review from an employer, and explore careers.  Now is also the time to update your LinkedIn profile!  Join some groups and start connecting.  We're all going to need to build relationships in the virtual space.


Employer Resources

The ECC can still help you connect with students even as we transition our services to the virtual space. We are happy to assist you any time with additional brainstorming and resources.


Adapting Summer Internship Programs:

The ECC is actively monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on summer internship programs.  There have been a wide variety of responses and resources shared to date.  The following documents outline responses and resources that may be helpful as you assess and adapt your own programs.


Job Postings: 

You can post open job and internship positions at HireJayhawks.com any time.  Students have 24/7access to this site, and we are actively encouraging them to monitor current job postings.  Need help posting?  Email your listing to ecc@ku.edu.



If your organization would like to host a virtual recruitment event, we are happy to share the information with our students.  Just email us the information, and we can spread the word.



Consider replacing in-person interviews with video interviews to alleviate the challenges that come with travel restrictions, social distancing, and quarantine.  Where this is not possible, encourage students to contact you to make other arrangements if they feel ill, have been explosed, or are in a high-risk group.


Maintaining Communication with New Hires: 

Our students will be looking to you for ongoing communication regarding their upcoming jobs and internships.  You can help ease anxiety and maintain connection by communicating with your incoming interns and new hires regularly if there are any changes to their start date or work location. 


Above All Else

The Engineering Career Center wishes both students and employers the very best during this trying time.  We understand you are facing unprecedented challenges, and we are here to help.  Be well.

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