What Intuitions are they Attending?

Approximately 1/5 of graduating seniors typically pursue continuing education:

Universities where 2018 B.S. graduates pursued continuing education

SchoolNumber of Students Attending SchoolTotal Number of Students
University of Kansas6363
University of Notre Dame33
Georiga Institute of Technology22
Texas A&M University22
University of Colorado - Boulder22
University of Iowa22
University of Kansas Medical Center22
University of Michigan22
Washburn University22
Brown University11
Emporia State University11
Imperial College London11
Iowa State University11
Johns Hopkins University11
Johnson County Community College11
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology11
Massachuetts Institute of Technology11
Ohio State University11
Princeton University11
Purdue University11
Stanford University11
University of California - San Diego11
University of Connecticut11
University of Maryland11
University of Melbourne11
University of Missouri - Kansas City1 
University of Nebraska11
University of Pittsburgh11
University of Washington11
University of Westminster11
University of Wisconsin - Madison11
Virginia Tech11
Western Michigan University11


Distinct count of Emplid broken down by Year1 vs. Cont Education Institution New. The data is filtered on School and Primary Major. The School filter keeps multiple members. The Primary Major filter keeps 12 of 12 members. The view is filtered on Cont Education Institution New and Year1. The Cont Education Institution New filter excludes Null and 0. The Year1 filter keeps 2017-2018.